Don’t try this on your first trip

Some adventuresome souls who have been reading the posts about the recent trip to Israel may have in mind doing the same. After all, you have some friends who went to Europe on their own, bought an Eurail pass and saw everything in two weeks.

Not that I think that is the best way to see Europe in a limited amount of time, but I definitely warn against this for the first trip or two to Israel, Turkey, Jordan, or Egypt. When you read about a trip like the one I just completed the first two weeks of December, keep in mind that I have been traveling to Israel almost annually since 1967.

Your best choice for a first or second trip to the Bible Lands (or Holy Lands) is to travel with someone who has experience in this area. Look at a lot of itineraries before you make a decision. Look at the qualifications of the person leading the tour. Examine carefully the details such as class of hotels, number of meals, etc.

The most important thing you can do is to study about the places you will visit for several months in advance of the trip. A few weeks ago we presented a list of books that we suggest for this purpose here. Your most important study will come during the first year after you return from your trip. Because then you will have a better understanding of what you are reading about.

And don’t take too much luggage. It can spoil a good trip. I caught this photo of two tourists coming out of a hotel near the Dead Sea. Perhaps they had packed for a group.

Overloaded at the Dead Sea.

Overloaded at the Dead Sea. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

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