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The Executable Preacher

Mark Copeland, over at Executable Preacher, has been kind enough to mention Ferrell’s Travel Blog. Mark and his wife were among my early students. He has preached for years at Fortune Road in Kissimmee, FL. Anyone visiting the Disney/Universal area should look up these brethren. I keep a link to both Fortune Road and Executable Preacher at the Biblical Studies Info Page under Links.

Mark mentions that his father-in-law, Steve Hudgins, was on one of my earliest tours. It fact, it was the first one in 1967. If you know Steve you can locate him in the photo of that group at the Jordan River in our post of September 4. For many years Steve supplied the pens and travel bags that we distributed to tour members. He also painted many of the banners that we used in the group photos.

Thanks, Mark. If there are any readers here that do not visit your blog with regularity, I hope that will do so now. I miss it when you go too long without writing. The page should be of interest to preachers, elders, and Bible teachers generally.

Our New Travel Bus and Hotel

Some of you may wonder what kind of accommodations we have on the tours, so I thought I would share this photo with you. Note that every person has a window. We do suggest that our tour members pack light.

Rolling Hotel at the Dead Sea.

This is actually the way some European groups travel in Israel. The photo was made in 2000 at Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea. It could get hot in there, don’t you think? I am concerned about the Internet connection.

Good preachers could learn from a trip to Israel

Todd Bolen, of Bible Places fame, spent about 10 years teaching in Israel. In a recent blog at Todd’s Thoughts, he made this comment:

“…even really good preachers could learn something from a trip to Israel.”

How true! Occasionally I have a preacher tell me that he plans to retire in a year or two and hopes to travel with me to the Bible Lands. My thought is that a visit to the Bible Lands is a tool; not a crown!

The only thing I could add to Todd’s comment, and I think he would agree, “not only Israel, but Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and other parts of the Bible world.”

Movie and TV writers plan strike

That is the “very latest” as they say on TV.

Comment: There are writers?