“Cracked Pot Archaeology”

If you have not taken a look at Life and Land by Gordon Franz, I suggest you do so now. Gordon is a careful scholar. His material is always well researched and documented. One category that caught my attention at Life and Land is called Cracked Pot Archaeology. Here is how he describes this category.

The Cracked Pot Archaeology category contains articles about popular, contemporary archaeological theories and ideas that, like cracked pots, hold no water! These articles are a review, scholarly analysis and critiques of theories and ideas that have been presented on the Internet or popular books, movies, DVD’s and videos.

Over the past few years Gordon has written a number of articles about the claims of the late Ron Wyatt and Robert Cornuke. Last evening I presented a lesson on “Ports of Paul.” I only had time to talk about Caesarea Maritima and the events of Acts 27-28 (Malta, Syracuse, and Rhegium). I called attention to the claim of Robert Cornuke and the response by Gordon Franz. You will find his response to Cornuke’s book, The Lost Shipwreck of Paul, under the category of Paul and Places. Gordon provides information about the possible places on Malta where the shipwreck may have occurred. I will leave any discussion of that at this time, and let you enjoy working through his material.

The photo below shows Mellieha Bay on Malta. Beyond the bay you may see the island of Gozo. Mellieha Bay is a few miles north of St. Paul’s Bay, the traditional site of the shipwreck. We discussed several places on Malta back in September here, here, and a few other places (use the Search box to locate places you are studying).

Mellieha Bay, Malta. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Mellieha Bay, Malta. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

One of Gordon’s recent articles is a response to Cornuke’s claim to have found an inscription with the name of Yahweh on it. Read it here. The final sentence by Franz sums it up:

The assertion that Mount Sinai is at Jebel al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia still lacks credible and verifiable historical, geographical, archaeological, or biblical evidence.

You will find links to articles dealing with the claim that Jebel al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia is Mount Sinai.

A word of warning. Beware of someone who has discovered something all others have overlooked. Be especially wary if they have found two things no one else knows about. Shall I keep counting?

4 responses to ““Cracked Pot Archaeology”

  1. There’s a great term for those who practice “cracked pot archaeology”. It was either coined or circulated by Dr. Jim Fleming, as I recall: “psycho-ceramic”!

    TOM POWERS / Waynesville, NC

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