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Archaeology Illustrated by Balage Balogh

His work has been featured on the Discovery Channel and in many scholarly books. A native Hungarian, Balage now creates images of ancient Israel, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and other civilizations. He tell the story in these words:

I began working with archaeologists, scholars and experts in the field in the Department of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Albright Institute, the Israel Museum, and universities throughout the United States.  My archaeological illustrations were published in National Geographic Hebrew edition,  A Guide to Jerusalem, The World of the New Testament, The World of the Old Testament, Excavating Jesus, and The Jesus Dynasty among others and many of my illustrations were part of exhibits at the Israel Museum, the Welcome Center in the City of David, Jerusalem, and permanently displayed in the Archaeology Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Balage Balogh contacted me with the request that I offer some of his art free of charge on my web sites in exchange for a permanent link. Since I have more readers of the blog than of the web sites I decided to begin here. As time permits I will post a few more of his illustrations here and at the Biblical Studies Info Page and Bible World.

Here is a wonderful drawing of Capernaum at the time of Jesus. One need only know something about the archaeological discoveries of the first century to see the accuracy of this drawing. Notice the basalt stone and the way the roofs are constructed. A larger image is available by clicking on the drawing.

Capernaum at the time of Jesus. Art by Balage Balogh.

Capernaum at the time of Jesus. Art by Balage Balogh.

Take a look at Archaeology Illustrated. Balogh’s work may be purchased for use in presentations or publications. This illustration is © Balage Balogh 2010.