Thanks for following our tours

Thanks to your interest we noticed an increase in readers during our trip to Egypt. We appreciate your interest in the subjects we write about.

A blog is different from a web page. On a web page, such as the Biblical Studies Info Page, there are many categories and pages available. When you check the blog you see the last entry at the top of the page. You must click on the Archives listing, or use the Search Box to locate earlier posts.

A list of some other trips we have covered on this blog might be helpful to you (from the most recent to the earliest).

  • Egyptian Adventure (begin January 16, 2009).
  • Israel (personal study) trip (begin August 20, 2008).
  • Steps of Paul and John (Greece and Turkey) (May, 2008).
  • Bible Land Tour of Israel and Jordan (April, 2008).
  • Scotland Highlights (September 2007).
  • Biblical & Historical Sites in Turkey (May and June, 2007).

The purpose of these trips is educational. We seek to relate the history and the land to the biblical account.

Suez Canal near Ismailia. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Suez Canal near Ismailia. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

This view of the Suez Canal at Ismailia looks from the east to the west. The ancient Egyptians dug numerous canals in the general area. This modern canal was officially opened November 17, 1869.

We would like for you to continue to check the blog several times a week as we write about other matters of interest to Bible students.

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