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Antonia Fortress discussion

A street in the Moslem Quarter of Jerusalem. Photo by F. Jenkins.

A street in the Moslem Quarter of Jerusalem. Photo by F. Jenkins.

Todd Bolen calls attention to an article by Ehud Netzer in the curent Biblical Archaeology Review on the location of the Antonia Fortress. Read the post here.

Leen Ritmeyer posted a response to Netzer and included some of his great diagrams here.

With Todd’s photo and Leen’s diagrams you will have some great material to help you understand the location of the Antonia.

The Antonia may not be the place where Jesus appeared before Pontius Pilate, as we once thought, but it is the place where Paul stayed under the custody of the Romans before his transfer to Caesarea Maritima.

English versions refer to the building as the barracks (Acts 21:37). Paul’s speech on the stairs was from the steps leading from the temple precinct to the Antonia.

Our photo above was made in the Moslem Quarter of Jerusalem near the site of the Antonia.  I think the street is Bab Hutta. These little side streets are always so intriguing.

The photo below shows the Temple Mount in the Second Temple model at the Israel Museum. The Antonia is the large building on the right, the northwest corner of the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount and the Antonia Fortress. Photo by F. Jenkins.

The Temple Mount and the Antonia Fortress. Photo by F. Jenkins.

The last time I saw “Tilley”

Our group prepared for a late afternoon felucca ride on the Nile River at Cairo. I had on my Tilley Endurable. I bought it at the Queen’s Quay Terminal in Toronto in November, 2002. Too far back to be covered by the Tilley insurance. On the last few tours I noted that other tour members were wearing a Tilley. We began making a “Tilley Group” photo.

Thanks to Katherine of Alabama I have a way to remember my Tilley Endurable. I still had it at the end of the felucca ride, but the next morning I realized that it was not in my room. Had I left it on the bus? The driver said no. Had I left it in the hotel lobby after talking with our tour guide? The hotel staff said it was not among their lost and found items.

I hope my kids will give me a new Tilley for Father’s Day. Till then, here is my final memory.

Tilley Group in Egypt. Photo by Katherine.

Tilley Group in Egypt. Photo by Katherine.

My only consolation came the next day when I went with my guide and one of his local friends to the Eastern Delta, biblical Goshen, in a private car. I lamented my lost hat. Osman said, it is better that you don’t have it today. Egyptians don’t wear hats. You blend in better without one. The few times we stopped at police checkpoints, the officer never said, “Who is the foreigner?”

Oh, and by the way, if you see an Egyptian wearing a Tilley hat ask him where he found it.