Church History Index

This is the beginning of an index on articles pertaining to Church History. I am confident that it is not a complete list, but I trust that it will be helpful to those interested in this subject or in trying to locate photos for use in teaching. If you are looking for something about Roman Catholicism just search for Rome. There are many references to the Byzantine period and structures, etc. Search for various examples.

The Deesis from Hagia Sophia in Istanbul shows Jesus enthroned with Mary and John the Baptist on either side. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Some General Articles
The Councils of Nicea
The Reformation
The Restoration Movement
Significant Individuals
Miscellaneous Articles
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2 responses to “Church History Index

  1. Actually this brings a little smile to my face and shows what the subconscious can do to our mind. When I was teaching I made some comment about Constantinople in a class. The next class period a student brought a cassette tape of the song you quote (“Istanbul (Not Constantinople”). So, we will just leave it to the Turks. I see the song is on YouTube for anyone who does not know it or wishes a reminder. Many thanks for the correction.

  2. Ferrell: Thanks for this very helpful index to some of your past work! On the above list, one of your titles is rendered: “Istanbul was not Constantinople”, and I was all set for a major exposé! But, no– it’s a typo, of course. Your original article makes perfectly clear that — both historically and musically — Istanbul WAS Constantinople! This caught my “editor’s eye” such that I couldn’t help giving you a (friendly) poke! Anyway, it’s “nobody’s business but the Turks'”, right? All the best…

    TOM POWERS / Waynesville, NC

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