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Keeping informed

Egyptian Antiquities. Keep up with breaking news about Egyptian antiquities at Andie Byrnes’ the Egyptology News.

Tomb of the Prophet Zechariah at the Madras Ruins. See the report of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs here. James Davila raises lots of questions about this report. See his Feb. 3, 2011, post here.

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Photos of Turkey and Greece. Mark Hoffman is making available some nice photos of his recent trip in Turkey and Greece. Read, and find the link to the photos here. The photos are geotagged so you may spot the location in Google Earth.

Birdwatching in Israel.

“There were some 25,000 cranes crowded around us this evening,” reports Judith Schwartz, a Kibbutz Ginosar resident. “One night last week there were 42,000. Your eyes can’t quite believe what you’re seeing. They stand in the lake all night, safe from the bobcats in the area. And here they rest, and lift off in their masses at dawn, blackening the sky like a swarm of gigantic locusts, to continue their 5,000 mile trip to their winter home in Africa.”

At least 500 million birds of 200 different species fly across Israel each spring and fall on their way to and from Africa, Europe and Asia, says Dr. Reuven Yosef, director of Eilat’s International Birding and Research Center. And more than 70 native Israeli species head to warmer Africa in winter, such as the cuckoo, Egyptian vulture, short-toed eagle, hobby and lesser kestrel.

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