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Mark Wilson’s book on Biblical Turkey

Mark Wilson’s book on Biblical Turkey: A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor is now available through Amazon. Use this Amazon link to order.
Biblical Turkey: A Guide to Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor

A little over two months ago I started a post about Wilson’s book, intending to write a brief review. I see now that A. D. Riddle has written a review over at the Bible Places Blog. I direct our readers to that post for more info about the book.

Since 2003 we have had A Guide to Biblical Studies in Greece and Turkey by Fant and Reddish. Now we have a book by Mark Wilson that is superior in several ways. Wilson includes sites not mentioned by Fant and Reddish, and his book contains an abundance of color photos. Every person who plans a trip to Turkey to visit Biblical sites should study both books.

Dr. Wilson proudly displayed his book at the SBL meeting in Atlanta last November. Mark loves Turkey and its biblical sites. For several years he has spent at least half his time studying and exploring in Turkey. If you wish to know about the biblical sites of Turkey, you will enjoy this book.

Mark Wilson shows his new book at SBL in Atlanta. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Mark Wilson shows his book at SBL in Atlanta. Photo by F. Jenkins.

Dr. Wilson spoke to one of my groups in Izmir in 2008. See here.