The Exploration in Antiquity Center

The Explorations in Antiquity Center at LaGrange, Georgia, is the brainchild of Dr. James Fleming. Fleming has lived and worked in Israel since 1973. Numerous tour groups have visited his Biblical Resources center there. I first met Jim many years ago in the home of Richard Cleave in Jerusalem. Cleave is the author/photographer/publisher of The Holy Land Satellite Atlas and other photographic and geographic materials. In that meeting I saw that the three of us shared a common passion in wanting to use what we had learned about the Bible lands in teaching others.

The Explorations in Antiquity Center web page says,

Dr. Fleming established Biblical Resources in 1975, for the purpose of producing educational materials and aids for teaching the historical, geographical, and archaeological background of the Bible.

It was wonderful to have these resources together at one place in Israel, but it is beneficial to many more to have the resources available in the Southeastern United States.

David Padfield recently visited the Center in LaGrange. At my request he has written a brief review for Ferrell’s Travel Blog. We plan to run the review with photographs during the next few days.

The city gate at Exploration in Antiquities Center. Photo by David Padfield.

The city gate at Exploration in Antiquities Center. Photo by David Padfield.

You may access the Center’s web site here.

David Padfield is well known for his helpful web site,

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