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The Garrard temple model

A few months ago the world discovered Alec Garrard’s model of Herod’s Temple. I was traveling a lot then, and many of the blogs covered the news, so I let it go. I suppose I received 10 or 12 emails from readers informing me about the articles. Well, finally, here it is for those who missed it.

Garrard is a 78 year old retired property developer from Norfolk in the East of England who has spent 33,000 hours researching and building a model of Herod’s Temple. It is fascinating that one person spends so much time on a project. The Daily Mail reporter comments on this.

And while he sees it as a form of relaxation, he says his wife thinks he is mad. ‘She wishes she’d married a normal person,’ he said.

Garrard and his Temple Model. Photo: Geoff Robinson Photography.

Garrard and his Temple Model. Photo: Geoff Robinson Photography.

The article in the Daily Mail is here. The Telegraph article is here.

The Telegraph has added an album of nice photos here.

Walter Bingham of Israel National News has a report about the model, including an interview with Garrard, here.

HT: Reminder – Joseph I. Lauer.

Update: I see that Leen Ritmeyer has a set of PowerPoint slides based on Garrard’s model. Full details here.