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Padfield’s visit to Explorations In Antiquity Center #2

We actually spent two days at the Explorations In Antiquity Center. We visited the Center on a Thursday morning, when they were not busy, so I could photograph the exhibits without other visitors getting in the way. We returned the following day to meet up with Gene and Sandy Taylor so we could have a guided tour of the Center and enjoy an authentic “Biblical meal” together.

House exterior at Explorations in Antiquity Center. Photo by David Padfield.

House exterior at Explorations In Antiquity Center. Photo by David Padfield.

Our guide for the three-hour tour was Lamar Hamric and he did an excellent job of explaining the exhibits and putting them in a Bible context. The first half of the tour took place in the outside exhibit area and the last half was in a dining area designed to look like a Roman period banquet hall.

In the meal room we enjoyed a four-course meal with fifteen different food items, including unleavened bread, fruit, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables and bitter herbs. The meal was supposed to represent a Jewish Passover meal, but instead of roasted lamb they served roasted chicken (which, by the way, was excellent).

In the center of the room is a Roman triclinium—a U-shaped table like the one our Lord probably used at the Last Supper (Luke 22:12). During the meal Mr. Hamric discussed the various Passover customs and the social aspects of sharing a meal in the ancient Near East. Hamric gave the best explanation of the events at the Last Supper I have ever heard.

Roman period triclinium. Photo by David Padfield. Click for larger image.

Roman period triclinium. Photo by David Padfield. Click for larger image.

If you are anywhere near LaGrange, Georgia I would highly recommend you visit the Center. In fact, take your whole Bible class! The tour and meal costs $30 per adult and is well worth it. You need to make reservations in advance. They can prepare the Biblical meal for a small group (a minimum of 10) or a larger group of up to 140 people. Reservations can be made by calling the Center at (706) 885-0363.


David Padfield has visited the Bible Lands several times and is well qualified to evaluate the Explorations In Antiquity Center. Many of you have used his photographs and other materials that are made available through his web site (padfield.com).

The Explorations In Antiquity Center web site is available here.