Group headed for home

Our group, all healthly and happy, left the hotel a short time ago for the Cairo International Airport.  The flight isn’t until 12:30 p.m. (Cairo time), but we have been staying near the Giza Pyramids. With nearly 20 million people in Cairo one never knows how long the normally 1 hour trip to the airport will take.

Elizabeth and I are remaining for a few days to visit some other sites we have not seen or been able to photograph.

Yesterday I had a photo ready that I wanted to share. It was made at Memphis and is typical of so much of what we see in Egypt. Don’t get the wrong impression. There are many affulent people in this country, but the vast majority seem to eek out a living day by day.

Moving the "herd" near ancient Memphis. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Moving the "herd" near ancient Memphis. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Yesterday our group used a long day to visit the Eastern Delta of
Egypt. Biblically we know that land as Goshen. Few travelers are able to go into this area of Egypt. Over the next few weeks I will try to share a few photos and thoughts about the area.

You might enjoy reading a first person account of the tour written by one of our tour members. This would be especially true if you know some of the folks who have been traveling with us. Click on Picture This.

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