Daily Archives: January 16, 2009

Headed for Egypt

In a few hours we plan to be on a non-stop flight to Cairo. We have a good group of fellow-travelers who join us in exploring the ancient culture of Egypt.


Our main purpose for tours like this is to better understand the culture in which so many Bible events took place. We will be joined by a competent Egyptian guide who is well versed in Egyptian history and also understands its relation to the Bible. My job will be to teach the biblical account on the spot. That is a little better than doing so back home with a photo! Not everyone can visit these places, and we are delighted to share a few of our experiences and understanding with you.

I consider these tours of the Bible lands, and this blog, an important part of my teaching ministry. Many of the men and women who travel with me do so in an effort to improve their teaching in the churches where they serve.

My last trip to Egypt was in 2005. I began using WordPress in 2007, and have not determined if we will be able to make proper contact with WordPress to publish our posts. As a backup I have set up an account on Blogger. After we have a day or two to get settled in Egypt, if you don’t see a new post here go to the Blogger site: fjtours.blogspot.com.

We have come to expect Jane to write a blog during our tours, but she and Olen are not able to be with us due to the recent heart surgery for Olen’s father. Jane tells us that Sharon will be writing. We encourage you to check her blog regularly at scenewithsharon.blogspot.com. She is a good photographer and I am sure you will find it of interest.