Friends traveling in Israel on the Sabbath

Luke Chandler recently returned from participating in the excavation at Khirbet Qeiyafa. Before leaving Israel he spent a few days with Trent and Rebekah who are excavating at Azekah. Luke reports on some of the fun the three Gentiles had on an Israeli Sabbath. See here.

Two observations

Safety. Constantly I am asked if it is safe to travel in Israel. Usually I respond by saying that I would rather be in Israel than downtown [name any town you wish]. Look at these young people. Do they look frightened? You have the answer.

There are some places one should not go, like a field in which the landmines have not been cleared. The sign below is on Highway 99 between Dan and Banias (Caesarea Philippi).

A sign along Hwy 99 between Dan and Banias. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

A sign along Hwy 99 between Dan and Banias. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Israel on the Sabbath. From mid-afternoon on Friday until Saturday sundown many Israeli hotels are jam-packed with Israelis who are observing the sabbath and allowing others to do the work. Don’t get the wrong impression. Many secular Israelis are visiting the beaches and parks of the country. But, early on Saturday, until mid-afternoon, is a great time for those who are not observing the sabbath to travel on the highways and visit sites of interest.

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