More about Magdala

Yesterday we called attention to the Magdala synagogue and table. We noted that it was impossible to get any good photos at the site. I didn’t even try.

We visited the site on the most recent tour, but everything is covered in a way that make it difficult or impossible to make sense of it.

Overnight I received a photo from Steven Braman who was with us on the tour. He shared a photo he made from the bus window while our guide was negotiating a visit. I had been turned away on two previous attempts to see the site.

Site of the Magdala synagogue. Photo by Steven Braman.

Site of the Magdala synagogue. Photo by Steven Braman.

This looks like a construction site. It is. Notice the new buildings in the background of the photo. The Franciscians, under the name Galilee Project, are building a hotel, media center, cathedral, et al. In fact, the synagogue might not have been found for decades had it not been for the construction project. Hundreds of emergency excavations are conducted each year in Israel as a result of construction projects, the widening of roads, laying of pipe lines, and improving sewer systems.

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