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Acts 12 — Photo Illustrations

In presenting some photo illustrations for the book of Acts, I see that I skipped Acts 12.

“Herod the king” of Acts 12 is Herod Agrippa I who ruled as king of Judea (A.D. 37-44). He was the son of Aristobulus and grandson of Herod the Great. After the death of Agrippa, Roman procurators began to rule in Judea. Three of Agrippa’s children are mentioned later in Acts: Herod Agrippa II and Bernice (25:13), and Drusilla, who married Felix the procurator of Judea (24:24). The events recorded in Acts 12 took place shortly before the death of Herod in A.D. 44.

I invite your attention to a previous article about the death of Herod Agrippa I at Caesarea here.

In addition, I will provide a new aerial photo. On the left (north) you will see a portion of the amphitheater (hippodrome). At the end of the amphitheater is the partially reconstructed promontory palace of Herod the Great. On the right (south) is the theater which was built originally by Herod the Great.

Aerial view of Caesarea Maritima. From Left to Right: hippodrome, palace of Herod, theater.

Aerial view of Caesarea Maritima. From Left to Right: amphitheater (hippodrome), promontory palace of Herod the Great, theater. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.