Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

Photos that are worth 1000 words each

Photos can be used effectively to illustrate Bible lands and customs. Otherwise dull presentations can come to life with the use and explanation of appropriate photos.

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands. We have suggested frequently that every Bible teacher needs access to Todd Bolen’s Pictorial Library of Bible Lands. Todd publishes a Newsletter every few months in which he gives away a few excellent photos already in PowerPoint format. If you don’t receive the Newsletter I suggest you download the November issue here. It contains several panoramic photos that give you the opportunity to see and understand a lot at once. And while you are there you should sign up to receive the Newsletter when it is published. Also take a look at the BiblePlaces Blog and the BiblePlaces.com web site. See also LifeintheHolyLand.com. BiblePaces is now availabe in French at BibleLieux.com and Spanish at LugaresBiblicos.com.

Holy Land Photos. Carl G. Rasmussen, author of the revised Zondervan Atlas of the Bible, is now posting the photos used in the Atlas at his Holy Land Photos site. Begin here. You will find thousands of useful photos at this site. These photos will be especially helpful to those seeking to teach Bible geography or to incorporate geographical information into lessons. These photos are in PowerPoint format. You also need the have and study the Atlas. Also check the HolyLandPhotosBlog for more recent photos and updates.

Order the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible from Amazon (currently $26.12).

David Padfield has a large number of photos of Bible lands available for free download here. Thanks to these men who have devoted much time and money to acquiring the photos and preparing them for others to use. I have used the work of all three in my presentations in recent years.