Santorini and the Minoan Civilization

Last Thursday we visited Santorini on the way from Crete to Athens. Ships anchor (not dock) at Santorini while tender boats ferry the passengers back and forth to the island city built on the half-moon rim of the crater. Some writers hold that Santorini is the ancient island of Atlantis. Santorini is not mentioned in the Bible, but several writers have tried to connect it to biblical events. It has been suggested that one of the several volcanic eruptions at Santorini is to be connected with the drying up of the Red Sea when the Israelites crossed. This is highly speculative, and there are chronological difficulties.

Items from Akrotiri, Santorini, a city covered by volcanic ash about 1600 B.C. are part of the collection of the National Archaeology Museum in Athens. It is good to see these things in Athens because the ruins at Akrotiri are closed for reconstruction. These artifacts from Akrotiri provide a good look at the Minoan civilization.

This photo was made from our ship which was anchored in the crater. The city is built along the rim of the crater. We are able to look into the heart of the volcano.

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