Index of articles on Bethlehem and the Birth of Jesus

Bethlehem and the Birth of Jesus.  Our total number of posts has now grown to more than 1700 and this makes it difficult to locate a post you may need. This index is prepared to assist you in your study of the birth of Jesus in ancient Bethlehem. Most, if not all, of the posts include at least one photo illustrating the lesson.

Other places near Bethlehem. Most of the links below are related to Herod the Great and the fortress he built near Bethlehem. I see that I have normally used the spelling Herodium, but sometime Herodion.

Historical Connections to Modern Christmas Celebrations. These post are post-biblical, historical references to customs associated with Christmas.

When other posts on this subject are written I will try to remember to update the list.

6 responses to “Index of articles on Bethlehem and the Birth of Jesus

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  4. Index is great. I shared this post on FB and comment: “So appreciate Ferrell’s travels to expand our understanding of other cultures, especially to help us ‘see’ Bible history, archeology, geography, etc. His amazing amount of research, documentation, photos, teaching has done so much for decades to add to our “ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you”. Thank you.

  5. Thank You for all of you work on this Blog.I have enjoyed it over the years.

  6. excellent post Ferrell…thanks much.

    Hang tough, Steve Hudson

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