Races called off at Caesarea Maritima hippodrome

Friend Leon Mauldin is traveling in Israel for a few days. He reports “a mixture of wind, rain, and sunshine” today. He shared a nice photo of the hippodrome at Caesarea Maritima flooded. Note the heavy clouds and the water crashing in from the sea.

Caesarea Maritima Hippodrome standing in water. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

Caesarea Maritima Hippodrome standing in water. Photo by Leon Mauldin.

Our thanks to Leon for sharing this photo with out readers. You may follow the progress of his tour at Leon’s Message Board here.

We know that Israel needs the rain after several years of drought conditions. The archaeological park was closed due to storm damage in mid-December, 2010. See here.

Here is a photo of the same area made during a dry period.

Caesarea Maritima Hippodrome. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Caesarea Maritima Hippodrome Dry. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Herod the Great built a hippodrome along the coast at Caesarea Maritima in 10 B.C. to celebrate the opening of the city. Read more here.

Peter preached to Cornelius at Caesarea (Acts 10,11).

Paul was imprisoned in the city for two years before departing for Rome (Acts 24:27; 27:1).

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