Pyramids closed to tourists

The only TV news source I have at my hotel in Tiberias is the British SkyNews. One of the reports on Egypt mentioned that the Great Pyramids of Giza were closed to tourists. Not surprising. Various governments, like Britain and the USA, are encouraging their citizens not to travel to Egypt. This will be a tremendous blow to many Egyptian companies.

The Pyramid of Chephren. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.
The Pyramid of Chephren. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

In Beersheba we enjoyed Fox News. At Eilat we had CNN international which is much different from the CNN in the USA.

SkyNews showed a few photos of damage to cases and artifacts in the Egyptian Museum. Todd Bolen has more info on this at the Bible Places Blog.

One response to “Pyramids closed to tourists

  1. Why are the british telling people not to go to egypt?

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