Daily Archives: January 20, 2011

Free book about the James ossuary trial

Herschel Shanks, editor of Biblical Archaeology Review, reminds us that the trial brought by the Israel Antiquities Authority against Oded Golan and Robert Deutsch is about to come to an end.

If you are interested in this subject you should click here and sign up for the book entitled James, Brother of Jesus: Forged Antiquities and the Trial of Oded Golan and Robert Deutsch.

The book is described this way.

After five years, the “forgery trial of the century” has concluded in a Jerusalem courtroom. Defendants Oded Golan and Robert Deutsch await the judge’s verdict, and so does the rest of the world. Even if the verdict is “not guilty,” the question of authenticity of several ancient artifacts will still remain. In this free e-book, Hershel Shanks explains why he believes the now-famous “James Ossuary” inscription is authentic. Plus, he provides behind-the-scenes analysis of the trial and its key players.

Herschel also promises an English translation of the trial verdict as soon as it is released.

Understand that this is likely a book to be downloaded, and that in signing up for it you indicate that you wish to receive the BAR Companion newsletter. Not a bad trade-off in my judgment.