Personal note about unrest in Egypt

A few friends have asked about the safety of our group in relation to the unrest in Egypt. Most of our group returned to the USA from Egypt Monday evening. They are safely at home. Three other tour members went with us to Sinai. Two of them went home Wednesday evening. They were diverted from JFK due to the bad weather, but arrived home safely. One tour member went to Abu Simbel Thursday. He is in Heliopolis at the hotel across from the airport now.

I just spoke to my guide/friend in Egypt who told me that last evening his kids were out and having a good time. They went to McDonald’s and a movie. He said the demonstrations were limited to downtown Cairo and in Suez city (the town at the southern end of the Suez Canal).

Elizabeth and I leave Eilat shortly to drive through the Wilderness of Zin. We plan to be at Beersheba in the evening.

3 responses to “Personal note about unrest in Egypt

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Egyptian tour.

  2. Glad to hear that you and members of the tour are safe. Over the last two or three days, Jim and I have become increasingly concerned about you. Thanks for posting an update.

  3. We have been keeping up with the unrest in Egypt with concern, but not worry. We are glad the group was able to get their wonderful trip completed and back home safely. Going to Egypt is an adventure “not to be missed”. We are following your continued adventures as you and Elizabeth explore (re-explore) areas in Israel. We wish we were with you, but will go variously through your blog. Thanks for taking time to write and post photos.


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