Ritmeyer’s Image Library now online

Dr. Leen Ritmeyer is well know for his archaeological drawings of the biblical era buildings, especially the temple. He now has much of his material online for immediate download. The Image Library is described this way:

The Image Library of Ritmeyer Archaeological Design contains authoritative reconstruction drawings and models which you will not find on any other website. The photos of ancient sites in the lands of the Bible have also been taken through the informed lens of an archaeological architect. A treasure-trove for teachers, pastors, lecturers and picture editors, it is the result of years of experience digging and researching in Israel and traveling in the surrounding countries.

The Image Library is arranged in different categories and is fully searchable. The different categories are designed to help you find the picture you are looking for easily. All preview illustrations are watermarked, but these won’t appear on the downloads.

For ease of use, each image comes with a descriptive note and, where applicable, full Scripture references. With the explosion of information coming from excavations, we hope that this will become an ever-expanding resource vital for all who wish to incorporate both beauty and authenticity into their portrayal of the Bible background.

Go here for additional information, and to browse the collection. The architectural drawings are $5 each, and the photographs are $3 each.

Here is a small sample of one of the drawings. This one shows the siege ramp built by the Romans at Masada in A.D. 72.

Roman siege ramp at Masada. Ritmeyer Image Library.

Roman siege ramp at Masada. Ritmeyer Image Library.

Here is one of my photos showing the siege ramp from above. The wall of Masada is visible in the left of the image.

The siege ramp at Masada. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.
The Roman siege ramp at Masada from above. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Certainly there is no excuse for presenting a dull, image deprived Bible class lesson or sermon.

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