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A look at copyright basics

The other day, on some source I look at, someone said something like this, “I don’t know anything about copyright.” Earlier this year I had a problem with a blogger who copied my articles and photos, even replacing my copyright notice with his own. Read here, if interested.

WordPress features some of their more successful blogs each day under the title “Freshly Pressed.” One of them caught my eye this morning. It has to do with misconceptions about copyright at it applies to blog posts.

I suggest that everyone who writes a blog, edits a bulletin, prepares presentations, wants to copy a handout, or posts info on a social network take a look at this article on Blogger Basics: Copyright by Deirdre Reid. She also explains Creative Commons.

Some think the solution to the copyright problem is just to label everything as “anonymous.” Not so.

Statue of Anonymous in Budapest. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.
Statue of Anonymous in Budapest. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

In Budapest, Hungary, near the entrance of Vajdahunyad Castle, there stands a statue of Anonymous by Miklos Legeti. The statue commemorates a 12th or 13th century unknown chronicler of one of the several rulers named King Bela.