Tel Kassis (Qassis or Qashish) slideshow

Discovery News has posted a nice slide show with narration by Edwin van den Brink here. He comments on the items found in the recent emergency dig at Tel Kassis and speaks of the end of the Canaanite culture in a fierce conflagration.

Dr. Edwin van der Brink show an incense stand. Photo: Assaf Peretz, IAA.

Edwin van den Brink shows an incense stand. Photo: Assaf Peretz, IAA.

The commentary in Discovery News says,

Most likely, the priests buried the temple’s furniture in order to protect the items from destruction during an incursion of the ancient Egyptians.

That is not a bad idea. Several Canaanite cities were burned by fire when the Israelites came into the country under the leadership of Joshua (Joshua 6:24; 7:15; 7:25; 8:8; 8:19; 11:11). We are not able with the info available to say that Israel destroyed Tel Kassis (Helkath), but I am pointing out that this would cause a cultural break.

Many cities were not destroyed at the time. In fact, the LORD told Israel that he would give them “great and good cities” which they did not build (Deuteronomy 6:10).

HT: Joseph I. Lauer

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