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“I believe we have found Ai…”

“I believe we have found Ai…” These are the words of Dr. Bryant Wood regarding the excavation at Khirbet el-Maqatir, a few miles east of the West Bank town of Ramallah.

You will be able to see this video clip and another one describing the activities of a day at a dig on the ABR blog here.

Many scholars have long said that the Bible is wrong in saying that Ai was destroyed by Joshua and the Israelites. Other scholars, associated with the Associates for Biblical Research have been suggesting for several decades that the current location of Ai is incorrect. Now Dr. Wood and his team are able to conduct excavations at an alternative site. Good reading. Take it seriously.

Read Joshua 8 for the biblical account of the capture of Ai.

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Go Southeast, Old Man!

The mountains and lakes of the Northwest are a pleasure to behold. A friend took me for a cruise on Lake Washington where he pointed out the houses of the rich and famous of the business, sports, and entertainment world.

Seattle. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Seattle. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

I enjoyed speaking to appreciative audiences at the Kirkland Church of Christ Sunday and Monday evenings. The illustrated lessons included discussions of Bible history, archaeology, and the Bible world. Quite a few friends from the past were present.

Thanks to those of you who check the blog regularly. Hopefully by the first of the week I can get back to posting some photos of the Bible world.