In Syracuse, Sicily

We took the ferry from Malta to Sicily yesterday morning. It was a nice 90 minute ride on the Mediterranean. The ferry was very nice, having been put into service in 2006. At Pozzalo, Sicily, we located a taxi driver who offered to take us to Syracuse along with 3 other passengers who wanted to travel north. One was a retired school teacher from Ohio who was traveling without any reservations. We enjoyed visiting with him.

In Syracuse we checked into our hotel and then went to the archaeological park to see Greek and Roman remains. It rained on us some, but I got a few good photos. Hopefully we will be able to make a few more this morning before leaving by train for Italy. We are here studying the places Paul visited on his voyage to Rome. He stayed in Syracuse three days (Acts 28.12). It is dark around this keyboard and I can not locate the colon on the keyboard.

The hotel is either new or newly refurbished. The rooms are great, but the Internet connection for wireless is not yet ready. I am using the computer in the hotel lobby, but do not have the ability to upload any photos.

Just wanted those who are following our journey to know that we are doing well.

More later.

One response to “In Syracuse, Sicily

  1. Maybe Elizabeth could hold a flashlight on the keyboard?? ;-). Glad you are well. Press onward.

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