Daily Archives: September 29, 2009

A few practical comments about recent travel

Those who travel, or those would hope to travel outside of the United States, might find these comments valuable.

Weather changes. That is a statement. We visited Italy and Switzerland in September, 2001. I don’t recall any rain during that trip. Certainly there was not enough to affect adversely the photography. This year we had much rain. No planned sightseeing was affected, but for those who have a major interest in photography it was disappointing.

Flights. The equipment used by Delta flight from Atlanta to Zurich did not have enough room between seats for a 6 feet tall individual. The person ahead of me kept their seat fully reclined the entire trip. The equipment used on the flight from Rome to Atlanta had more space — maybe only a couple of inches. That makes a lot of difference on a flight exceeding 10 hours. So far as I could tell, all seats were filled on both flights. Monday is definitely not a good day to travel. If you have a choice choose the middle of the week when fewer people are likely to be traveling. The plane from Rome had TV screens at each seat. This was very helpful in passing the time.

The Nikon D90 Failed Me.

The Nikon D90 Failed Me.

Camera. Earlier I spoke of the new Nikon D90 camera I was using for this trip. I probably lost only a dozen or so photos, but I had lots of trouble. Frequently my camera would not fire. I changed various settings, removed and replaced the SD card, removed and replaced the battery. Still I got the “Format” message. It means to format the card. Eventually I learned that by removing and replacing the battery I could continue to shoot. The photos were good, but sometimes I had to do this three or four times before continuing to shoot. Toward the end of the trip more photos were bad and I was getting the “Error” message. This is my fourth Nikon DSLR. It has been necessary to send each one back for repair. Not good! I’ll be heading for Best Buy as soon as I get unpacked, mail sorted, etc.

It is not the negatives that count. One’s trip should not be remembered by a few bad things that happened, or a few unpleasant experiences one had. Travel should be remembered by the places you have seen, the people you have met, and how these have enhanced your own understanding of man and the world. For those places specifically related to the Bible, the student may remember how this increases his/her understanding of the Scripture.

I asked Elizabeth to read this for content and errors. She added, “And, above all, that you returned home safely.”