Group arrives safely in Switzerland

We arrived on time this morning after an all night flight from Atlanta to Zurich. As soon as we got out luggage, with three or four bags missing, we went to downtown Zurich to visit the statue of Ulrich Zwingli at the Wasserkirche (Water Church), the Grossmünster (the great cathedral where Zwingli preached in the early 15th century), and a few other sites in the downtown area of the city.

After our guide presented some of the history of the political and religious conditions in Switzerland in the early 15th century, I took the opportunity to talk about the work and beliefs of Zwingli as an early leader of the Reformation Movement. More in a later post.

Ferrell Jenkins Tour Group at the Zwingli Statue in Zurich.

Ferrell Jenkins Tour Group at the Zwingli Statue in Zurich.

The steps there seemed like a good place to line up the group for a photo. If you think you know someone in the group you may click on the photo for a larger image. This wasn’t our “official” tour photo with banner, etc., and some of the ladies didn’t much like the idea of the photo being posted. I think they look nice after being up all night. How about you?

3 responses to “Group arrives safely in Switzerland

  1. Travel can be memorable. Always great to hear from friends.

  2. Tell Ed and Rena that Sharon and Ken said Hello. And Hello to you too. I will always remember Austria 1983 when Reba, Carolyn, David and I went back to the HoenSalzburg (sp) Castle at night and got locked in and had to walk all the way down the mountain at midnight and had to take a taxi back to the hotel. What a night!

  3. Just wanted to say hello to my mother Eleanor and friend Susan. Hope you are having a great time. I was just kidding about the watch.

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