Cache of Bar-Kokhba coins found

Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, reports the discovery of a treasure chest of Bar-Kokhba period (132-35 AD) coins in the Judean Hills.

The largest-ever known number of coins from the time of Bar-Kokhba, the Jewish leader against Roman invaders, has been discovered in the Judean Hills by cave researchers from Hebrew and Bar-Ilan universities.

The research team found three batches of bronze, silver and gold coins in a deep cavern in a nature reserve. Pottery and weapons also were discovered during a research project by Prof. Amos Frumkin of Hebrew University and Prof. Hanan Eshel and Dr. Boaz Zissu of Bar-Ilan.

They found the approximately 120 coins in a “hidden wing” of the cave where the only opening is via a narrow and dangerous approach. Beyond the opening, a small chamber leads to a hall where Bar-Kokhba’s army apparently hid.

Most of the coins are in excellent condition, and Bar-Kokhba’s followers imprinted their own designs over the currency, which is of Roman origin.

Bar Kokhba coins. Photo: Jerusalem University & Israeli Government.

Bar Kokhba coins polished for presentation. Israeli news photo, Sasson Tiram.

The Arutz Sheva report is here. A G News report, with beautiful photos, is here.

HT: Joseph Lauer

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