Interested in ancient Roman history?

I just ran across a website maintained by Jona Lendering that is meant to keep people updated about the websites LacusCurtius (maintained by Bill Thayer in Chicago) and Livius.Org.

The page that caught my attention has links to some photos of ancient Syracuse. Check here.

Paul and Luke stayed in Syracuse, Sicily, for three days on the voyage to Rome.

Putting in at Syracuse, we stayed there for three days. (Acts 28.12 ESV)

Syracuse is on my want list.

3 responses to “Interested in ancient Roman history?

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  2. Those of us interested in Persia as it relates to the Bible would welcome some good photos for use in our teaching.

  3. Indeed great sites, at this moment Jona is in Iran. So next month I expect many beautiful pictures and lots of stories

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