Toledo, Spain

For a little diversion, here is a photo of Toledo, Spain. Toledo is less than 50 miles south of Madrid. The Tagus River flows on three sides of the city. The large building on the hill is the Alcazar. A fortress has been located here since Roman times.

Toledo, Spain. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Toledo, Spain. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

5 responses to “Toledo, Spain

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  2. Meredith, This photo was made a number of years ago and I do not recall how to tell you my exact location.

  3. what a gorgeous city. my fiance and i are headed to toledo soon. can you tell me from where you shot this photo?

  4. Thanks. It is a beautiful city.

  5. casaruralelcapricho


    Nosotros vivimos en los Montes de Toledo, a 45 Km. de Toledo capital.
    Toledo es una ciudad maravillosa y lo que mas me gusta es pasear por sus calles antiguas, reminiscencia de culturas musulmanas, judias y cristianas, entrar en sus tiendas y descubrir esos patios interiores con sus fuentes y corredores.

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