Daily Archives: September 20, 2007

Return to the “New World”

This morning we will be leaving for the Edinburgh Airport to take our flight back to the United States. We have had a good group, and the tour has been enjoyable.

This is the 71st tour we have conducted, and that fairly well corresponds to my age. Most of our tours have been to the Bible Lands, but we always enjoy these more leisurely tours, too.

Thanks to each of you who have written a short note regarding the blog. It has been a pleasure to work on these pictures each evening.

Our last full day in Edinburgh was a free one for tour members to visit whatever they wanted to. Everyone seemed to enjoy that. The weather was great, and was able to make some photos of Edinburgh Castle with the sun shining on it. So, I will share this last photo before departure with you. Please pray for our safety.

Edinburgh Castle. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.