Daily Archives: September 18, 2007

Visiting Edinburgh

This morning we did the typical sightseeing of Edinburgh. This included Princes Street , the Royal Mile, a visit to St. Giles Cathedral, and the mighty Edinburgh Castle. St. Giles was built as a Roman Catholic church in about A.D. 1124. John Knox began preaching at St. Giles in 1559. Of course, by that time it was a church of the Reformation. Knox had been a friend of Wishart. After spending some time in Geneva with John Calvin he returned to Edinburgh. He is considered the father of the Socttish Reformation. This photo shows the crown of St. Giles, a dominant feature of the Edinburgh skyline.

St. Giles, Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

There is a nice statue of John Knox in the building. The most impressive thing about the Reformation is that it pointed men to the Scriptures, rather than to the authority of Rome. Notice that Knox is holding the Bible in one hand and pointing to it with the other. With this we are certainly in agreement.

John Knox in St. Giles. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Some parts of the massive Edinburgh Castle date to the 12th century. The photo below is of the 15th century palace where Mary, Queen of Scots, gave birth to James VI, later to become King James I of England. He is the King James of the King James Version of the Bible (the “authorized” version) of 1611.

Edinburgh Castle. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

The afternoon was free of planned activity so that the tour members could spend time as they wished. Elizabeth and I visited the National Galleries of Scotland to see a special exhibition of Andy Warhol stuff. The front of the building was decorated with Campbell Soup cans. Someone we love works for Campbell Soup so we wanted to get a photo for him. His initials are very similar to mine! It was cold and windy today, and the sky was drab. I must confess to enhancing the sky a bit (lot).

National Galleries of Scotland, Warhol Exhibition. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

After seeing the Warhol Exhibition I decided to try my hand at such tomfoolery. I thought about placing a Dr. Pepper on a table, but decided against it.