Daily Archives: September 16, 2007

A cold, but enjoyable weekend in Inverness

Yesterday was Saturday, the Sabbath, the day of rest of the ancient Israelites (Ex. 20:8).. Today is Sunday, the Lord’s Day (Rev. 1:10; Acts 20:7). This day commemorates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christians of New Testament times gathered on this day to worship the Lord.

To a Floridian it has been cold here in Inverness, Scotland. Yesterday morning it was about 44 degrees. The forecast for this morning is 42, with a high of 50 for the day. The rain and wind makes it even colder in the northeast of Scotland. It is not raining at the moment and the wind is calm.

Yesterday we went to a famous battlefield nearby called Culloden. Here in 1746 the Jacobites (those who favored the kings named James) were defeated by the Government Army. This was the last battle fought on British soil.

Culloden Battlefield, Inverness, Scotland. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Later we made the perfunctory stop at a woolen mill. Actually, many of the folks on the tour enjoy this. It gives them a chance to pick up a souvenir. Not everyone is looking at the clothing, as this picture of Herbert shows.

Gold at the Woolen Mill

The weather was much better today. It was still cold, but the wind was calm even during periods of showers. Tim and Ann Byers, now living in Aberdeen, came to worship with us. It was a pleasure to see them. Both had been among my students at Florida College. Tim is now on work assignment in Scotland. He has produced a computer program called Everyone’s Guide to the Bible. I suggest you look into this good program. The web site is http://christianfriendssoftware.com. Here is a photo of Tim and Ann that I made this morning. They joined us for the afternoon sightseeing and we had a good visit.

Tim and Ann in Scotland.

In the afternoon we went a few miles from Inverness to the Spreyside Heather center where we enjoyed a nice lunch. They even had jewelry made from heather. After that we continued to Cairngorm Mountains and took the funicular railway to near the top. The highest peak of the mountain, the highest in the UK, is 4,296 feet above sea level. Haze covered the top of the mountain, but we enjoyed the train ride and a cup of hot chocolate at the restaurant. There were some neat displays at the Spreyside Heather center. I suspect this one below illustrates the danger of Scotch Whiskey.

Scotch Whiskey. Display at the Spreyside Heather Center. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Our hotel in Inverness is situated directly across from the Inverness Castle. It is a fairly new construction that serves as the town center (city hall, etc.). The river in the foreground is the Ness River. It flows east from Loch Ness to the North Sea.

Inverness Castle. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Tomorrow we leave early for St. Andrews and Edinburgh. Thanks for dropping by.