A level of interest never imagined for the blog

Sometime earlier today while our group was driving through the Shephelah (low land, or hill country) of Israel the stats for this blogged rolled over past two million (2,000,000). When I first started the blog, just to inform folks back home that those traveling with me were doing well, I was pleased with 70 or 80 hits a day. I don’t know how reliable these statistics are, but they sound nice.

Thanks for readers who check in from time to time and find something useful here.

As a small token of my thanks I am sharing a photo I made yesterday morning among the ruins in the Old City of Jerusalem near Dung Gate.

Flowers growing among the ruins in the Old City of Jerusalem near Dung Gate. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Flowers growing among the ruins in the Old City of Jerusalem near Dung Gate. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Many readers will think of the statement of Jesus:

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. (Luke 12:27 ESV)

The NET Bible uses the term flowers instead of lilies. A Translator’s Note says,

Traditionally, “lilies.” According to L&N [Louw-Nida] 3.32, “Though traditionally kri,non has been regarded as a type of lily, scholars have suggested several other possible types of flowers, including an anemone, a poppy, a gladiolus, and a rather inconspicuous type of daisy.” In view of the uncertainty, the more generic “flowers” has been used in the translation.

I observe that Bauer (Arndt-Gingrich-Danker) comments:

in this connection the principal opinions include the autumn crocus, Turk’s cap lily, anemone, or gladiolus, but the data do not permit certainty. Perh. Jesus had no definite flower in mind, but was thinking of all the wonderful blooms that adorn the fields of Galilee.

Enjoy the beauty and think of God’s care for you. A larger image is available by clicking on the photo.

4 responses to “A level of interest never imagined for the blog

  1. lindarowlett

    So grateful for all you have done and continue to do to teach and encourage so many. Congratulations !

  2. Congratulations on this milestone! That’s no small achievement. And thanks for the valuable resource that you provide so many of us. God bless. And safe travels.

  3. Congratulations Ferrell. I check your blog often, and find great insight into the scriptures from your posts. I have been so blessed to have come to know you and Elizabeth. Thanks for all your work for The Lord.

  4. Love your blog. I visited the Holy Land in the year 2000. Was the trip of a lifetime for me. I enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about where they were taken. I was really surprised when I saw where the Ben Guerin Airport was located! (the ground it sits on). Travel on my friend with God’s speed!

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