Photo of 50th Anniversary tour group

Our journey is Israel is now beginning the second half. We enjoyed a beautiful day in Jerusalem visiting sites related to the Bible. This is an especially significant tour for me. It is my 50th Anniversary tour. The first one  that included Israel was in 1967. Overall it is the 84th tour that I have directed.

Our group this year comes from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Guatemala. I think eleven of us have traveled together before.

50th Anniversary Tour Group led by Ferrell Jenkins.

50th Anniversary Tour Group led by Ferrell Jenkins.

Nothing compares to studying the Bible in the land where it was written and where the events described in it took place. I am thankful to have shared this experience with so many over this half century.

3 responses to “Photo of 50th Anniversary tour group

  1. Thanks for the thought Wayne, but I will probably need to skip the next 84. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Ferrell! May the Lord give you another 84 tours!

  3. Being in Jerusalem on the Lord’s Day is a special treat. Be safe and enjoy this special trip. I will never view a picture like this without wishing I was there in the picture participating in the tour.

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