“Sunrise, sunset…”

In response to our recent sunset photos on the Sea of Galilee Mark Hoffman sent a beautiful photo of a sunrise from Ein Bokek, a resort site located on the southern end of the west shore of the Dead Sea. When I asked Professor Hoffman for permission to elevate his photo to a post, he graciously granted it. The photo was made in January, 2014.

Sunrise on the Dead Sea from Ein Bokek. Photo by Mark Vitalis Hoffman.

Sunrise on the Dead Sea from Ein Bokek. Photo by Mark Vitalis Hoffman.

The Mountains of Moab are visible to the East in the modern country of Jordan, and reflected in the waters of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is known as the Salt Sea in Genesis 14:3.

Mark Hoffman writes a practical blog for teachers and preacher who use any sort of technology. It is called Biblical Studies and Technological Tools. The subtitle is “From scroll to screen… codex to computer….” There you will find lots of helpful material relating to Bible software programs.

Last year I recommended two of his posts to my tour group. Others might enjoy these picture taking tips.

Thanks to Mark for sharing this beautiful photo.

3 responses to ““Sunrise, sunset…”

  1. Welcome to “Unsolved Mysteries!” Erik, nice photos. Sorry that I have no solution. I don’t think you could be seeing any other land mass from Caesarea. My guess would be that it is distant clouds on the horizon. I have seen something like this on my sunrise photos from the Sea of Galilee. You have some other nice photos on your blog.

  2. Nice.
    I have a photo taken at sunset at Ein Bokek of Dead Sea.


  3. Please look at these two pictures that I took from the old harbor at Cæsarea looking out on the Mediterranean. When the sun went down I was surprised that the sun went down behind something, it looked like a “flat hill” or something. But on the map I couldn’t see anything that could obstruct the sun. Could this sharp shadow only be the fog from the sea? It really didn’t look like that. This is a real mystery to me. Can it be Cypros or Egypt? The picture was taken late in December 2012.


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