Boxing in the Greek world

My friends David and Sharon Runner recently traveled with us in Turkey, but made additional excursions into Greece and Italy. David agreed to share this photo of “The Boxer” from the National Roman Museum in Rome.

"The Boxer" in the National Roman Museum. Photo by David Runner.

“The Boxer” in the National Roman Museum. Photo by David Runner.

David describes the statue: “This famous Greek statue called “The Boxer” dates from around 330 B.C. and depicts an ancient fighter, apparently after a match, still wearing his caestus, a leather wrap used as boxing gloves. The small white objects at the bottom of the statue are motion sensors that chime if you get too close. (I found out a couple of times as I moved in a little too much for some close-up pictures.)”

Below is a closeup of the boxers gloves, showing his “brass knuckles.”

Closeup of the hands of "the Boxer". Photo by David Runner.

Closeup of the hands of “the Boxer”. Photo by David Runner.

Paul used a boxing illustration to describe his own disciplined work in preaching.

So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified. (1 Corinthians 9:26-27 ESV)

2 responses to “Boxing in the Greek world

  1. Many have heard of Malankomas, the defensive boxing genius who never got hit. He must have possessed more boxing brilliance than Mayweather, Lomachenko, Tunney, Pep, Johnson, Corbett, and Mendoza combined.

    However, it might have livened things up a bit if he actually threw some punches himself. Purportedly he was satisfied to let his opponents swing away uselessly until they dropped from exhaustion—which might take all afternoon on some occasions. They have a stalling rule in Wrestling. They could have put the rule in for Boxing to thwart Melankomas.

    Maybe it was fascinating to watch his artistry, but after an hour or so it would get old.

    Johnny Carson said Muhammad Ali and Alfredo Evangelista won the Nobel Peace Prize for taking the violence out of Boxing. They’d need a special award for Melankomas. The spectators would need more endurance than the boxers.

    Team of Boxers

  2. Faiz Ismail

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the great boxer from the national Roman museum in Rome. Muay Thai Gloves these are the best pairs for boxing sports.

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