The Watchtower

The watchtower was sometimes used as a lookout for the enemy (2 Chronicles 20:24; Isaiah 21:8; 32:14).

Watchtowers, or just towers, were also built in the fields. They might provide a place for a watchman to keep watch over the field (Isaiah 5:2; Matthew 21:33). Stones were picked up out of the fields to make the tower which also served as a place for workmen to go for shade in the heat of the day.

The only place we see watchtowers today is in the West Bank, and these are usually off the main roads. During the past few years I have photographed several of these old watchtowers. So far as I know they are no longer in use. I am sure that I have shown some watchtowers before, but I thought you might enjoy some of these new photos.

A watchtower in an olive orchard in the West Bank. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

A watchtower in an olive orchard in the West Bank. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

One response to “The Watchtower

  1. Hi Ferrell,

    As always I enjoyed your blog post.

    Jackie and I will be in Temple Terrace in time to attend a performance of “Sound of Music” the weekend before Lectures begin. Hope we will see you and Elizabeth.

    Kristi’s surgery went very well and she is now undergoing follow-up Chemo. Shane is being a real help to her. We spent the month of December with them helping to care for Kristi. Got to hear Shane’s Quartet perform at venue in downtown Nashville while we were there.

    Shane told me of how he enjoyed being with you and Arvid during the meeting.

    Hope all is well with you two. So many from our FC classes in the early 1950’s are gone. I know I will miss seeing Dudy this year. Have sung in more than ten Alumni Chorus recordings. Think I am too old to do this again. Have difficulty learning new songs.

    Bob Bennett

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