Good tips for any day

Over at the HolyLandPhotos’ Blog, Prof. Carl Rasmussen has begun a series of Travel Tips each Tuesday about places you should visit. So far all of them are in Israel.

  1. The newly opened baptism site at the Jordan River (here).
  2. Notre Dame restaurant [hotel, too] in Jerusalem. Many groups have their days full of activity with dinner provided at the hotel. The collection of artifacts and replicas, including the stone table from Magdala, make it worth a visit. I haven’t been there, but now it is on my bucket list. See here.
  3. Jezreel. Carl provides a list of important biblical events that transpired in the vicinity of Jezreel. See here.
The sign at the Jezreel pointing to historical sites in the area. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

The sign at Jezreel pointing to historical sites in the area. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Free Book. Logos is offering The Epistle to the Hebrews by Brooke Foss Westcott as the free book for August. This book is from the 14-volume Classic Commentary on the Greek New Testament. Click here.

Todd Bolen’s Roundup. Todd Bolen’s Bible Places Blog is the best place on the Internet to keep up with a wide variety of archaeological work and other significant news from the Bible world. He usually has a Weekend Roundup, and sometimes a Midweek Roundup. The other days provide a more in depth look at Bible Places.

Shmuel Browns, a licensed Israel Tour Guide, is an accomplished photographer. Take a look here at his recent pictures from the desert, Mount Gerizim, Mar Saba Monastery in the wilderness of Judea, etc.

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  1. Dear Ferrell,
    Thank you for all these invitations to travel!

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