1400 year old olive press excavated

The Israel Antiquities Authority announces the discovery of a 1400 year old olive press at Modi’in. According to a brief article in Arutz Sheva,

A statement by the IAA called the press the grandest and most complete one found so far.

Archaeologist Hagit Torgë, who is directing the dig, said the press, which was used to produce industrial quantities of oil for food and light, about 1,400 years ago, “was preserved surprisingly intact with all its components.”

1400 year old olive press at Modi'in. Credit: Hagit Torgë, Israel Antiquities Authority.

Olive press at Modi’in. Credit: Hagit Torgë, Israel Antiquities Authority.

Click on the photo for a hi-res image.

Olives are mentioned in the Bible from Genesis (8:11) to Revelation (18:13), and are still important in many parts of the world.

HT: Joseph Lauer

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  2. See the post for June 1. That is the real solution to your problem. As stated before, teachers are welcome to use the photos I post as long as credit is included with the presentation. For those who wish to use them in published works must obtain the license to do so through payment of a fee. Best wishes in your class. You have the right idea.

  3. Mr. Jenkins –
    We are trying to prepare for our VBS this summer and I suggested that we show the kids actual pictures of the bible lands as one of our rotations. Our theme is “Following in the footsteps of Jesus”. I am wanting to put together a power point presentation for each days lesson using your pictures. What is your policy about using your pictures? Thanks for your help.

    Sarah Waller Norman
    University church of Christ
    Auburn, AL

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