Group departs for home after two weeks of study in Turkey and Greece

About noon today our group of travelers departed from the Athens International Airport for the USA and their various residences. One couple from Canada left earlier in the day. Others will be traveling to Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Oregon, and perhaps a few other states that do not come to mind at the moment.

Yesterday morning Steve Niemeier, a minister from Indiana, spoke during our worship period. He mentioned some of the things he had learned on this tour. It was not his first time to travel to foreign lands, but his first organized tour to some of the Bible lands. He said that previously the places we visited, such as Ephesus, Colossae, Patmos, Corinth, et al. had been places on a map, but that now they were places in our mind. I thought that was a good way to express the value of tours like this for preachers, teachers, and other Bible students.

I have a few more places to visit before returning home. Perhaps we will be sharing some of those in the days to come.

The photo below is one that I took in at Corinth a couple of days ago. It is the Fountain of Peirene, Corinth’s most important reservoir with a capacity of over 81,000 gallons. The fountain was fed from subterranean springs. The fountain is no longer in use, but you can still hear the water flowing.

Fountain of Peirene at Ancient Corinth. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Fountain of Peirene at Ancient Corinth. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

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