Cambridge Greek Testament closes at Logos Friday noon

We have called attention to Logos community pricing before, especially when there is a publication we think ministers and other Bible students would find helpful.

Cambridge Greek Testament for illustration. The Logos product is a download.

The Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges is such a set. These 21 volumes were written by 15 well-known scholars from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.Barber describes the set this way,

Dated, but still valuable for their brief exegetical comments. (The Minister’s Library)

Logos indicates that the retail price for this set is $389.95. I would not consider paying that price even if I did not already have it on my shelves. But, until noon Friday (PST) Logos has the set in digital format (download) for $26.00. It could go lower. If you use Logos, don’t let this one pass you by. Here is the link.

My bid was placed Nov. 4, 2010. Using Logos teaches patience.

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