Has the tomb of a pre-70 A.D. Christian been found?

It happens either before Christmas or Easter. A tremendous discovery has been made that will support or undermine Christianity. Everything we have always thought about Jesus, the early Christians, and the Bible will undergo a radical change as soon as the book by the discoverers and the TV program is released. (I have some friends who think so literally that I am fearful they will not understand my attempt to be satirical.)

James Tabor at SBL, Atlanta, 2010.

Prof. James Tabor at SBL, 2010.

If I say nothing about this, some readers will send me links to it and ask my opinion. Rather than dig into all of this material about the discovery by Prof. James Tabor and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, I am going to direct my readers to Todd Bolen’s Bible Places Blog. Todd will do a much better job with this than I could. You might prefer to begin with the bottom link and move up. Then check for updates for the next few days.

Bolen has already posted three significant blogs ahead of the onslaught of media attention. Read, and examine carefully.

  • More Reports on the Jerusalem Fish Ossuary here.
  • Jesus Discovery: Early Christian Burial in Jerusalem here.
  • Tomorrow: The Jesus Discovery here.

The words of an early Christian apostle would be appropriate here.

But examine all things; hold fast to what is good. (1 Thessalonians 5:21 NET)

UPDATE: Todd Bolen has now commented on Dr. Tabor’s preliminary report here. The complete 46-page report is available in PDF here.

Let the media begin. Fox News just ran a report about this discovery. See link here. Trace Gallagher informed us that “the gospels date to 200 or 300 years after Jesus.” Poor guy. I think he means well, but has left his area of expertise.

UPDATE  Feb. 29: Bible Places Blog includes a report here by Gordon Franz who was present at the press conference. Franz says,

My initial impression is that the “fish” looks like an ornamental glass vessel, perhaps a pitcher or flask of some sort.

An illustration is included.

Another Update: See “Talpiot Tomb Updates” here.

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