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James Ossuary — no proof of forgery

The word is out. In a 475-page verdict, Judge Aharon Farkash says the prosecutor failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the James Ossuary and the Jehoash Inscription were forgeries.

Robert Deutsch was acquited of all charges. Oded Golan was acquited of charges that he forged a portion of the inscription on the James Ossuary.

Here are some links you can follow to “read all about it.”

Matthew Kalman’s report here. Kalman has followed this case through four years of testimony.

Todd Bolen’s comments at the Bible Places Blog here.

Response of the Israel Antiquities Authority here.

Haaretz: “After a decade, Israel court acquits collector of forging Jesus’ brother’s tomb” here.

The Times of Israel: “After 7-year saga, a surprising end to antiquities fraud case” here.

Later I plan to follow up on this with the question, “Does it matter?”

HT: Joseph Lauer