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Logos Community Pricing — some great bargains

If you use Logos (or Libronix) Bible Software you probably already know about Community Pricing. Logos takes on some older works and produces them in the Logos format only when there is sufficient interest to pay. Some may take a year; other may never make it to production.

Todd Bolen is hoping that more people will make a bid on the 16-volume collection of William M. Ramsay before the deal closes on Friday. At this time you can get the entire collection for $20. More orders might even push the price down. Info here. Even Ramsay’s less valuable works are worth $1.25.

See earlier posts about Sir William Ramsay here and here.

While you are at the Logos web site take a look at Travels through Bible Lands Collection (15 volumes). It is expected to sell for $20, but is still gathering interest.

Also take a look at the following books or sets:

  • Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges (21 vols.)
  • A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (2 vols.), Hastings.
  • A Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols.), Hastings.
  • Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (21 vols.), including 16 volumes by Meyer.

I have bids on all of these. Every bid moves us closer to being able to use these works with our Libronix/Logos Bible Software. These books are all old and some material is  out of date, but there is much of value.

Don’t have any Logos software? You can buy from Logos, or you can get started with some really great bargains from Rejoice Christian Software. (I have no stock in either company.) You can buy the Essential IVP Reference Collection 3.0 for $89.95. Start here. This offer is good through Aug. 30. Check for other specials. The Baker New Testament Commentary is available for $80. That is the set by Hendriksen and Kistemaker.