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Another shipwreck in the Mediterranean

We see more reports of bad weather in the Mediterranean and the effect it is having on shipping. Note today’s report in Hürriyet, Turkey’s English Daily here.

Stormy weather in Antalya caused a cargo ship to run aground Thursday, leaving one person missing, and may also have contributed to the death of a woman whose body was found in the area.

The vessel, named “Seabright,” had been en route from the Tarsus Port in Adana province to Egypt with a crew of 18 people when it crashed into the rocks in a central part of the Mediterranean province of Antalya, the Anatolia news agency reported Friday.

Did you notice the references to Tarsus and Antalya? This brings to mind the work of the Apostle Paul. Tarsus in Cilicia was the home of Paul (Acts 9:11; 21:39; 22:3). Antalya is identified with Attalia, a coastal city a short distance west of Tarsus (Acts 14:25). Perga, mentioned in the same verse, is nearby.

Pleasure harbor at Antalya, Turkey. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Pleasure harbor at Antalya, Turkey. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Mark Wilson writes of Antalya,

The modern city covers the ancient site so few ancient ruins are visible. Those remaining are around the harbor in the old city called Kaleiçi. (Biblical Turkey, 81).

When Paul sailed from Caesarea to Rome his ship went along the southern coast of Asia Minor, modern Turkey. Imagine the effect of this type of storm on a ship dependent on sails for its navigation.

Earlier in the week we noted the effect of dangerous storms in the Eastern Mediterranean. Scroll down for posts about Caesarea, Ashkelon, and Alexandria.